Update 26th august 2017:

Pretty hard times at the moment. Unfortunately, due to several painful & gross experiences, setbacks in life and chronical diseases in my body I won’t be able to work for the coming time. A lot of things resulting to a lot of stress in my mind too, so need to do a lot of mental inner work to rebalance that aswell.
Life is challenging me with many things needing to change. First thing is finding a new house and place to live, come to rest and get things together again.

I hope to find a new house in the coming time, so I can pick up my music-study again, and after some time will be able to have a glance at the future. For now it’s a time of serious healing, going inside and learning lessons from mistakes from the past. Life never promised to be easy, and we all learn from problems, setbacks and pains. In this respect, i am just as any other. No superman, just human. Doing what i can to get back on track, give me time to heal what’s broken…

Love and blessings to you all, Paul