What is ‘The Awareness Experience’?

(In het engels, hoop dat je dat beheerst, my excuse)

‘The Awareness Experience’ is a fresh, innovative, contemporary, non-floating ‘New-Era Spirit Movement’.
A community and movement, founded in 2007 by Paul Krause, aimed at changing the world in which we now live in, pointing others to a more intelligent, more balanced, non-dual, and significantly more peace-loving humanity, as well as throughout this movement finding the way to love ourselves, our own heart and the heart of each other.

Paul is an autodidactic, passion-driven, intuitive psychologist, awareness teacher, speaker, writer, vlogger, visionairy inspirator, healer, photographer, creative thousand-foot, vocalist, instrumentalist, performer, and more.
Born during the hippie love-age, two years before the famous Woodstock festival, at the beginning of spring in 1967, under the astro-numerological imprint of the human-type and associated life destination belonging to the so-called type 33/6 (‘The expressive visionair’)
A person with power, (but on the other end softness dipped in deep emotional sensitivity’s) and a correspondingly sharp-minded ‘view & spirit’, fully focusing on his senses, perceptions and consciousness, fitted in a profoundly intuitive intelligence.

Although he is relatively sober in his non-floating nature and realistic aspects, he has a gift which enables him to perceive and ‘feel’ humans, with their impurities, fears and blind spots below their surface life.
What’ s real and what’s not real, what’ s mask and what’ s natural purity, what is fear and what is free, what’s ego and what’s not ego, where the love is and where the love is absent. Often he can observe active living aspects even before the other is aware of all what’s happening underneath

With his many creative gifts and talents, he acts as a non-duality teacher to raise awareness of the great magic-cosmic miracle where we all live in, how life works, how consciousness and awareness works and what ways there are to find and go to fulfill the Self.
Humankind can enter a completely new Era of thinking and seeing reality, not only to transform ourselves, but above all lever humanity into a step of significantly higher intelligence, higher knowledge, a pure degree of love and living together, and the new world that belongs to it.
A completely New Era we are all moving into, seen through his eyes, along the way bringing love, wisdom, resonance, inspiration, smartness, confidence, fun, positivity and ecstasy to the world, as the best natural love-drug ever invented.