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A warm welcome to you, you precious soul

What a special moment, and how great to have you here in my online livingroom. Thx for your visit, and please feel at home.

From there, let’s dive into essence directly:
Changing the world into a more positive dimension to live and breath in, is something we can only do together. We can’t do that on our own. But it does start with you. Because you are the center of your universe. It’s there where your truth lives, and from there on started it’s way to find more truth in life and the universe it lives in.

That having said, first let me gently introduce myself to you:
My name is Paul Krause, born in the Netherlands, just below Amsterdam. (5th day of spring 1967) I live and work as a spiritualy driven artist, intuitive psychologist, healer, awareness- teacher-, speaker-, writer, vlogger & visionary inspirator, photographer, vocalist, instrumentalist & performer. Yeah, I do a lot of things as a person with a passionate heart driven by love, realism, intuition, imagination & artistic creation. But further on that line, I am just the same as you are. A sensitive and fragile human being with the full spectrum of emotions any member op the Homo Sapiens family has been given as one of the greatest gifts of life.

So, where do we stand all together right now?
Today we live in a world with enormous tension between people. It seems like a kind of ‘big split’ is happening within humanity, on all different locations and continents. A storm of negatively charged turbulence is raging over our Planet, and that’s not a good cause. It seems like intelligence and wisdom is slipping away, and ignorance and hate is taking over.

Together with you, I want to bring some change into all this spiritual and mental narrowing. Because I think you and me, can do this together. Together with a lot of other people who also kind of ‘woke up’, started to see clear and look through the dusk and obscure veils of fear, trickery, manipulation, repression, collective hypnosis and deceit leading to the big conflicts, clashes, threats and wars we read in the news about every day.

The big inventor and creator of life, by many people given the name of ‘god’, didn’t create the planet to make a big mess of the absolute paradise, as it was given to us in the first place.

To get to where we someday want to land, we need to clear all the shit on the table of humanity first. And we don’t do that by fighting, hate and all those terrible weapons, because those are the three creating all the problems on Earth. That’s the direct way to the dark world.

No, we need to do just the opposite: Open ourselves up and show the other who we really are

Showing each other who we really are behind our masks. Who we really are behind all our fears, insecurity’s and defense mechanisms.
In the energetic, and absolutely healing movement of sharing and telling each other our deepest feelings, motivations, needs and vulnerabilities, we can find the intelligent opening to a new Era. At least, that’s where I think we can find the opening to find each other again, instead of moving away from each other, and get severely hurt and out of contact. If two humans are not able to show the other their true heart and feelings, they won’t get along. And this is what’s happening in the world, but than on the maximum scale possible.
If we can open our hearts to each other, without fear for the other, sharing what’s in our hearts in all our essence of being, we can find the way out. Only then… light will come through, and light will start to arise out of the darkness. It will be our only option for survival, at least, that’s how I see it. Feel it.

Besides this website I am creating a bigger connection with all the positive thinkers, truly open minded minds, non-judgemental and non-dualistic orientated spiritfull people in the world. I have a YouTube channel, a Facebook community page, and a more ‘Arty’ the_awareness_experienza channel on Instagram with photography, poems and spiritual contemplations. You can follow me on all channels if you like. Would love that.

On this website only a few pages are in English. The rest is in my home-language. I am working on making a translation aswell for some of the other menu’s. Please use the Google Translate option in the mean time…
My Instagram channel is always fully english written, my youtube vlog’s are about 50/50 Dutch/English spoken, or sometimes even 50/50 in the same vlog, just as it comes. My facebook community page is also fully in English. Besides that, i speak fluently German, in case you’re from Germany, you can talk or write to me in your own language. So you know.

As a teacher ‘over fifty’, who dived extremely deep into the spiritual, shamanic & divine worlds in his life, I am still in a process of humble learning, learning everyday, and that process probably, never ends…

So let us learn from each other and grow together in spirit and cosmic awareness, intelligence and wisdom, finding the one and only god, who created this whole magic wonder we live in

In ourselves
And each other

With love and blessings,